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2016 ASEE Annual Conference

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Tomorrow the biomedical engineering faculty will be representing Lawrence Technological University at the 2016 ASEE Annual Conference in New Orleans. They will be talking about some of  our most recent work and upcoming programs the program has to offer. Presentation topic will include:

Using Quantified Self as a Learning Tool to Engage Students in Entrepreneurially Minded Learning and Engineering Design [view paper] Dr. Michael J. Rust (Western New England University), Dr. Mansoor Nasir (Lawrence Technological University), and Dr. Eric G. Meyer (Lawrence Technological University)

A Nanotechnology Summer Camp for High School Students: Activities Design and Student Feedback [view paper] Dr. Liping Liu (Lawrence Technological University), Dr. Mansoor Nasir(Lawrence Technological University), Dr. Yawen Li (Lawrence Technological University), Dr. Selin Arslan (Lawrence Technological University), Dr. Changgong Zhou (Lawrence Technological University), and Dr. Hsiao-Ping H. Moore (Lawrenece Technological University)

Multidisciplinary Patient-Centered Capstone Senior Design Projects [view paper] Dr. Mansoor Nasir (Lawrence Technological University), Dr. Darrell K. Kleinke P.E. (University of Detroit Mercy), and Dr. Molly McClelland (University of Detroit Mercy)

Project-based Learning in a Forensic Engineering Course [view paper] Dr. Mansoor Nasir (Lawrence Technological University), Dr. Eric G Meyer (Lawrence Technological University), and Brian Thomas Weaver PE (Explico Engineering Co. )

Sensing Angular Kinematics by Embedding an Open-source Electronics Design Project into a Required Biomechanics Course [view paper]Dr. Eric G Meyer (Lawrence Technological University) and Dr. Brent L Ulrey (Western New England University)
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Taubman Complex Progress

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As we make our way through summer we move closer to the opening of the newest building on campus, the Taubman Complex. The Taubman Complex was designed with Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) in mind as it aims to bring together biomedical engineering, robotics, life sciences and architectural engineering under one roof. The building will feature new lab spaces and studio classrooms to build upon the idea of theory and practice.


The move in date for the Taubman Complex is set for July 5, 2016. As the day approaches construction is starting to wind down as they move closer to completion and begin stocking it with equipment and furniture.  Be sure to check out some of the sneak peek photos posted below.

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ONU Quantified Self Conference

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Dr. Nasir and Dr. Meyer attended a conference at Ohio Northern University on Quantified Self devices.







KEEN Provides a Grant to Update BME Courses

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Dr. Meyer and Dr. Nasir have been working on updating some key courses of the BME curriculum to give students more real world examples of BME related topics. One of these topics is the improvement and development of quantified self (QS) devices. These devices are a result of the public wanting to keep track of their personal health using hand held devices that monitor their: heart rate, calories burned, speed, steps taken and many other data points that monitor your performance. KEEN has provided a grant to Dr. Meyer and Dr. Nasir to improve the BME curriculum using QS. Students will be exposed to new ideas and technologies throughout their courses at LTU. The professors are trying to get students to look at and solve real world problems with confidence in their early years in the BME program. With help from KEEN, they can now provide the knowledge required to provide new projects in the classroom to better prepare students.


QS4EML-license-plate-final (QS Project) (KEEN Blog Post)

BME Professors Host Faculty Workshop

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During the past year Dr.  Meyer and Dr.  Nasir have used Quantied-Self (QS), a popular social movement that uses technology to record data on all aspects of people’s lives (diet, exercise, sleep, insulin levels, etc.) to weave entrepreneurship into the biomedical engineering curriculum.

On Friday, April 24, 2015 they are hosting a faculty workshop that will cover the methodology for implementation of entrepreneurial minded learning in specific examples of course modules. Other faculty from LTU and Kettering University that have used the QS theme in their classes will also share their experiences.


LTU to host workshop for BME faculty

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Lawrence Tech and Bucknell are pleased to announce a workshop that explores how entrepreneurially minded learning can be embedded into the biomedical curriculum through presentations, case studies, and networking.

Innovating Curriculum with Entrepreneurial-Mindset
Focused on Biomedical Engineering
March 27, 2015


Highlights from network institutions including Lawrence Tech, Bucknell, Union, WPI and more will be shared along with examples of courses, internships, and co-curricular experiences.

The cost is free and hotel accommodations will be provided for KEEN University faculty.
Sponsored by the Kern Family Foundation.

BME Professor Validates a New Dental Implant Procedure

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Biomedical Engineering Professor Eric Meyer has been working with periodontist Salah Huwais to test and validate a new dental implant procedure. “After four years of research and more than 60 prototypes, Huwais came up with a novel design that achieved that mission and was validated by Lawrence Technological University in Southfield. Last spring, he launched Versah, a medical device company.” Dr. Huwais was able to validate his new design with the help of Dr. Eric Meyer.  The patent pending design went on sale in November and has already sold out of its inventory.

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BME Courses Updated to Include an Entrepreneurial Perspective

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Biomedical Engineering students at Lawrence Tech. are getting a head-start into an entrepreneurial mindset through a KEEN grant. Dr. Eric Meyer and Dr. Mansoor Nasir are teaching fundamental engineering courses from a new entrepreneurial perspective.  Devices like Fitbit and iHealth have created a “Quantified Self” craze. Using these types of devices is an ideal way to teach entrepreneurial fundamentals.  Students are assigned open-ended problems  just like the real-world where solutions are never simple or straightforward (by howard). According to Dr. Meyer, “We are modifying courses across the curriculum to train students to stop thinking only like an engineer or scientist and to start thinking like a product developer.”

To read the full magazine article:

Introducing High School Students to Biomedical Engineering through Summer Camps

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Dr. Mansoor Nasir along with Dr. Eric Meyer and Joseph Seta presented the following abstract at the ASEE Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana in June.


Introducing High School Students to Biomedical Engineering through Summer Camps

Mansoor Nasir, Joeseph Seta, Eric G. Meyer

Summer camps provide many high school students their first opportunity to learn about various disciplines in the engineering profession. A week-long summer camp in Biomedical Engineering (BME) was used to introduce students to many of the topics that make up this discipline, and to engage them in learning through hands-on activities, discussions and lab tours. The BME topic areas that were covered in this summer camp were biomechanics, bioMEMS, medical imaging and medical sensors. Of the students that responded in the exit surveys, 71% of student rated the summer camp as good and 57% said that they will probably recommend the camp to others. Summer camps and outreach days for high school students can be an effective means for introducing young people to BME through tailored activities that used the resources available at the host academic institution.”


To read more: Summer Camp Abstract

WJR Interview (Dr. Eric Meyer and Dr. Mansoor Nasir)

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Dr. Meyer  Eric Meyer talkes to WJR

Click Here to listen to the WJR Interview: Eric Meyer

Dr. Mansoor Nasir talks about the Biomedical Engineering Senior Projects and the collaboration between Industrial Sponsor (Gorden Maniere – Advanced Amputee Solutions) and the Biomedical Engineering students.

Listen to this WJR interview: Mansoor Nasir







More interviews from Lawrence Tech BME Students featured on WJR:

Click Here:  Lindsay Petku  

Click Here:  Akaram Alsamarae


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