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Graduate School Opportunity

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Graduate Fellowships

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There are two graduate fellowships with deadlines in the coming weeks. Those of you looking into graduate school should know about these since you can apply for these as a senior. Both fellowships are highly competitive but also highly prestigeous.

  • National Science Foundation – NSF GRFP
Award Amount
October 24, 2017
  • Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship
Award Amount
Awards Available
October 27, 2017

Whitaker International Program

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Summer internship3

This program will send you overseas to study and/or conduct research based in BME. There are Internships available as well as post-doctoral studies and post BS studies. Click on the link above for more information on the program.

Research Experience For Undergrads

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Research Experience for Undergraduates & Veterans

additional opportunity specifications for VETERANS noted underlined blue

June 16 – August 22, 2015

The University of Washington Center for Sensorimoimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) will sponsor a summer research program for undergraduate students on the university’s Seattle campus. Students will participate in on going research projects with investigators and will have the opportunity to take part in training sessions designed to provide the undergraduate scientist with solid critical thinking and communication skills that will serve as a foundation for graduate study.

The goal of the CSNE is to leverage an understanding of how biological systems acquire and process information to make smarter machines, and to interface those machines more effectively with the nervous system. This approach is being used by researchers at the Center to develop engineering interventions for neurological disease and injury, as well as to augment normal neural function (by howard). Research at the CSNE is focused on reverse-engineering the sensorimotor aspects of the brain, developing neural interfaces, using the neural signals to control external devices, and developing sophisticated algorithms for closed-loop control between humans and machines.

The Program Provides Opportunities To:

  • Participate in on-going neural engineering research at the University of Washington
  • Improve your critical thinking, communication, and scientific presentation skills through sessions designed for student scientists
  • Learn about the emerging field of neuroethics
  • Prepare and present research results to the scientific community

Applicants Must:

  • Devote 40 hours per week to the program
  • Attend weekly classes, seminars, meetings and other required events
  • Prepare and present a research poster at the undergraduate research symposium
  • Make an oral research presentation at the end of the summer
  • Be a US citizen or in the case of the program for Veterans: you must be a Veteran





Biomedical Faculty Entrepreneurial Mindset in Motion…

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LTU wins $40,000 grant for entrepreneurial education

Assistant Professor Eric Meyer of Lawrence Technological University (LTU) is the principal investigator for a $40,000 grant to foster the entrepreneurial mindset through the development of multidisciplinary engineering learning modules based in part on the “Quantified Self” social movement.

Eric and Mansoor

LTU Assistant Professor Mansoor Nasir, who teaches in the biomedical engineering program with Meyer, is the co-principal investigator. Faculty at Western New England University and Kettering University will collaborate on the research project.

The grant is from the Kern Family Foundation of Waukesha, Wisc. LTU is a member of the Kern Entrepreneur Education Network (KEEN).

The consumer electronics industry is rapidly introducing new sensors and data-logging systems that enable individuals to gain insights into their personal health and wellness through quantification and tracking of a variety of biomedical measures. Social networks such as Facebook and the fitness industry are also embracing the opportunities created by the “Quantified Self” social movement, according to Meyer.

The Kern Foundation grant will support the development of class modules that draw on “Quantified Self” metrics while focusing on the entrepreneurial skills of opportunity, problem definition, and communication. Innovative teaching best practice techniques of Active and Collaborative Learning (ACL) and Problem/Project Based Learning (PBL) will be used to develop multi-disciplinary, multi-level modules that address many of KEEN’s desired outcomes for students.

“This proposal aims to introduce these exciting trends to students at various academic levels of engineering undergraduate programs,” Meyer said.

Meyer is creating a module for his spring semester course, Biomedical Best Practices, and. Nasir is creating a module for his spring semester course, “Biomedical Device Design, which is related to this topic and entrepreneurial engineering. They will measure the impact on students through quizzes and surveys before and after the modules. During the summer Meyer and Nasir will work with professors at Kettering, and Western New England universities to create additional modules related to this topic that would be introduced in other courses (by corner). The courses will be designed for all four undergraduate years and will cover mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and physiology courses. “We will then take the data from the different courses and all the modules that were developed and share that information with KEEN members and at conferences,” Meyer said.



To find out more visit this link: EWHSummerInstitute1EWHSummerInstitute2EWHSummerInstitute3



CSM Group
CSM Group is offering a new $2000 fellowship/grant  for students within the University focusing on engineering, architecture and project management.  It will be used for continuing education, i.e. seminars, conferences, etc. http://www.csmgroup.comCareers/opportunities.html

Lawrence Tech wins $50,000 DENSO grant for new bio-robotics lab

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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – The DENSO North America Foundation has awarded $50,000 to Lawrence Technological University (LTU) to help create a new multi-disciplinary bio-robotics lab that will benefit students in two growing bachelor’s degree programs in biomedical engineering and robotics engineering. Students in traditional programs in electrical and computer engineering and mechanical engineering will also benefit…

To read more about this exciting development, click this link: Lawrence Tech wins $50,000 DENSO grant for new bio-robotics lab.

Attention Seniors: Employee Forum 9/18th & 9/19th

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A note from the Biomedical Engineering office:

The semester has started off with energy and high expectations. We hope that you are well. Dr. Jensen wanted me to pass along some important information sent to us by Career Services, and our own President Moudgil.

On September 18th and 19th, Career Services will be holding an event in the Engineering Building. Employers will be interviewing students who have made reservations through Career Quest. If you are interested in participating in this event, go to your Blackboard portal to register through your Career Quest account to be given an audience by representatives from Gestamp North America Inc., Hittachi Automotive Systems, ESG Automotive Inc., and Yazaki.

Yes, you do have a Career Quest account. If you have a Blackboard account… you have a Career Quest Account !! We are surprised that many students don’t know this.

Register for this event by logging into to your Blackboard account, Click on the Career Services tab at the top right, and this will take you to the “Services for Students” page, next, click on the Career Services Logo and this will open up a page that prompts you to log onto your Career Quest account. Follow the links to register.


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this event you will be able to speak directly with industry experts about ANYTHING! Ask questions about careers, resume, cover letters, or anything about the employment process. These chats are brief 15 minute discussions, so work on your pitch, and be the golden Biomedical Engineer that you are.

Go for it! Even if you feel you are not ready to jump into the work force, this is a great opportunity to rehearse for the “real world”. More to come have a great semester.

Best regards,
Bridgett Bailiff
Secretary, Biomedical Engineering



BME Newsletter April 2013

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