Read About This Year’s Formula Hybrid Activities

Lawrence Technological University incorporates the Society of Automotive Engineer’s Formula HybridTM competition into its engineering curriculum as a year-long project each year. This year’s competition is April 28 – May 1, 2014 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The competition provides students a unique and wonderful opportunity to combine the University’s signature blend of theory and practice with the challenge of a real-world problem: creating a high-performance racing vehicle that is also fuel-efficient. The students design, build, test, and race a Formula hybrid vehicle in competition with other student engineering teams from around the world.

ECE undergraduate students Don Henderson and Peiyue Xu are critical components of this year’s project. Team Leader Adam Tallman and Electrical Lead Eric Onan have worked far beyond the normal hours with team members Jim Cass, Jake Ball, Jonathon Vitale, Mohamed Albira, Matt Moyer, Kingman Yee, and Nick Tallman to bring the vehicle to a level that will seriously challenge the pack for first place.

Featuring 17MJ expanded battery capacity, 35Kw electric motor, 250cc gas power plant and sophisticated dual mBed processor controllers, adding LCD touch screen energy and performance monitors, WiFi wireless telemetry and new CV transmission, this year’s team feels confident.


The Great Warrior Peiyue Xu brings the Formula SAE Hybrid Display subsystem to life

The display expert from China has been hard at work on the LCD display for the vehicle.  The team finally has it up and running with communication to the controller, months before the competition!





Finished PCB’s after power trace buildup:

Capture1 hybridblog2

Here are some more pics, showing various stages of build:











hybridblog4 hybridblog6 hybridblog7