Announcement: Research Assistant Opening

Dr. Jaber, a Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and Director of ISWiNLab, is looking for a very skilled programmer to develop an “App” for a home energy management system (HEMS) proposal that has already been fully designed by Dr. Jaber. The student research assistant will have all the high level design diagrams required to develop the final App. The project abstract/description is as follows.

Abstract — Consumer domain energy management systems or home energy management system (HEMS) is largely neglected in existing practical smart grid EMS studies. One of ISWiNLab’s projects proposes a practical HEMS that supports various existing and emerging actors. Some of the proposed features include the support of automatic and manual scheduling and control of the devices, continuous monitoring and efficient notification. The goal of the design is to achieve optimized performance under dynamic situations. For better understanding and implementation of the concepts behind Dr. Jbaer’s proposed design, detailed Use Case diagrams of the various actors and their functionalities will be provided to the successful candidate. A substantial amount of peak shaving/shifting is observed using the proposed application when tested in a simulator.

Please contact Dr. Jaber at njaberatltudotedu if you have any questions about the position and/or to submit your resume. Please, only qualified candidates should apply.