IEEE Volunteers Sought

LTU IEEE Branch Advisors, Dr. Jaber and Dr. Chase, are looking for volunteers with the necessary leadership and organizational skills to impact the future success of the organization. The list of available volunteer leadership opportunities within LTU IEEE Branch is as follows:

1 – IEEE Student Branch Chair
2 – IEEE Student Branch President
3 – IEEE Student Branch Vice-President

If selected, the successful candidate will benefit as follows (this list is not exhaustive):

1 – Opportunities for Technical/Educational Networking: e.g. Meet people in my field of practice, other areas of practice, experts in various engineering fields, Make local, national & international contacts, and actively participate in meeting tutorials, presentations, seminars and conferences
2 – Opportunities for commercial networking
3 – Opportunities for career/employment networking: e.g. Exposure to employees & managers, meet potential new employers, interface with possible new co-workers
4 – Professional development opportunities: e.g. Learn, develop and practice: Leadership, management, personal communication, public speaking, and meeting/event planning skills
5 – Leadership skills growth: e.g. Interpersonal communications, conflict management, problem solving, and decision making
6 – Management skills growth: e.g. Successfully conduct meetings
7 – Sense of accomplishments: e.g. “Feeling” of having a meaningful voice in the IEEE and event planning
8 – Exposure to state-of-the-art technology

Please send your resumes to both Dr. Jaber at and Dr. Chase at