New Opportunities for Students

Dr. Nabih Jaber, Director of ISWiNLab, is looking for graduate or/and undergraduate researchers assistant/associate candidates to take part in one or more of the following paid research and development (R&D) projects (volunteers are also welcome to apply):

1) ADAS/AV: Advanced Driver Assistance System/Autonomous Vehicles. Example research areas include, Object Detection/Tracking Algorithms (ODTA); Telemetry Remote Communication; Autonomous Platform Implementation; Controller Area Network (CAN); and Fault Tolerance.

2) Smart Grid: Design and Implementation of a Cross-Platform Sensor Network for Smart Grid Transmission Line Monitoring. Developing a practical, self configuring, sampling and forwarding scheme for smart grid transmission line monitoring.

3) Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) Systems: Enabling the most reliable, high speed vehicle-based technology for crash prevention safety applications.

In all three topic areas above, different R&D students will focus on different ECE related fields:
– Advanced Electronics
– Embedded Systems (software/hardware)
– Object Oriented Simulator Design
– Algorithm Design

4) Home Energy Management System (HEMS): A programmer is needed to develop an “App” for a HEMS proposal that has already been fully designed by Dr. Jaber. The student research assistant will be provided with all the high level design diagrams required to develop the final “App”.

***This is a great opportunity for engineers to explore modern and state of the art technologies. The findings of this research will most likely result in publications; a chance for students to co-author peer reviewed international papers.

Please contact Dr. Jaber at for more information on the topics, hours/week, duration, how to apply etc.